🤝Partnership Announcement: GemsLab Ventures x Hoppy Meme Launchpad

🌸 We are delighted to announce Hoppy Meme Lauchpad as a new partner in our strategic network.

HOPPY Meme Launchpad is the first decentralised IDO platform. The platform opens up to investors not only incredible opportunities for earnings but also based on the current demand of the economy. It uses the popularity of memes to spread the importance of maintaining the environment, as well as creating a more promising green future for the crypto industry.

With this collaboration, GemsLab Ventures and Hoppy Meme Lauchpad will incubate high potential projects, bring Hoppy Meme Lauchpad to GemsLab’s KOLs Network, have new opportunities and collaborations for both parties.

🔸 Follow Hoppy Meme Lauchpad to have more information:
⦁ Website: https://www.hoppy-meme.co/
⦁ Twitter: twitter.com/HoppyMeme
⦁ Telegram: t.me/HoppyMeme_Official
⦁ Medium: hoppymeme.medium.com

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