🤝Partnership Announcement: GemsLab Ventures x AnyPad

🌸 We are delighted to announce AnyPad as a new partner in our strategic network.

AnyPad is a next-generation blockchain Incubator and accelerator platform building a Multi-chain Launchpad & Multi-chain AMM DEX, that give crypto & blockchain startups & investors the best experience as the industry gains full-scale global adoption, allow blockchain startups to grow and raise funds seamlessly.

With this collaboration, GemsLab Ventures will approach with many projects, bring AnyPad to GemsLab’s KOLs Network, have new opportunities and collaborations for both parties.

Follow AnyPad to have more information:
⦁ Website: https://www.anypad.io/
⦁ Telegram Channel: https://t.me/anypadofficial
⦁ Telegram Discussion: https://t.me/anypad_chat
⦁ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnyPadio

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