Partnership Announcement: Gemslab Ventures x Hobbit Investment

Strategic Partnership Announcement: Gemslab Ventures x Hobbit Investment Group

Gemslab Ventures is honored to announce a strategic partnership with Hobbit Investment – a venture capital investment project which focuses on providing financial resources and incubation for mainly blockchain-based startups and crypto projects.

Hobbit Investment was established to broaden its portfolio in the Blockchain & Crypto industry. The Hobbit teams look carefully into the history of each technology bubble in the past, then obtain remarkable insight about development progress. It shows something similar is happening behind the exponential boost of Blockchain & Crypto incubation and financial growth.

Hobbit core mission is to integrate effective advantages of the expertise in the blockchain and crypto field into project’s methods of operations and development, making it adaptable and sustainable despite the fluctuation of the market.

With the goal of long-term development cooperation, Gemslab Ventures and Hobbit investment have committed to share information about potential investment projects. At the same time, we also agreed to coordinate in promoting marketing activities for projects in the joint investment portfolio.

Hopefully, this will be one of the stepping stones with a hype boost for a favorable momentum of our development in the future.

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