Partnership Announcement: Gemslab Ventures x 11MINUTES

Partnership Ann: Gemslab x 11Minutes

Gemslab Ventures is honored to announce a strategic partnership with 11MINUTES – a recurring Play2Earn game that gives you the opportunity to change your entire life within 11 minutes.

11Minutes is not a single game, but a series of games with the aim of achieving the highest score within 11 minutes. First of all, the player has to mint a NFT to participate in a game session. The minting fee is $45, also an average price for a new blockchain/NFT game. Once the Game Starts, player will have 24 hours to start their own game session and set a highest score within 11 minutes.

Most of the time, it will be an endless games that is hardly more difficult than Flappy Bird. Players can restart as many times as they like in their 11 minutes and break their own high score. The highest rating is entered in the leaderboard together with player’s wallet address and their NFT Token ID. Based on the position on the leaderboard, player will get a rewards that will differ from session to session.

11Minutes promising roadmap

For long-term success, Gemslab and 11MINUTES have committed and agreed on community development plans and marketing strategies that the project is pursuing. Hopefully, this will be one of the stepping stones with a hype boost for a favorable momentum of 11MINUTES development in the future.

In particular, hot official news about 11MINTUES will be continuously updated on Gemslab Ventures’ channels:
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