Partnership Announcement: Gemslab Ventures x Moonsta Infinite

Partnership Ann: Gemslab Ventures x Moonsta Infinite

Gemslab Ventures is honored to announce a strategic partnership with Moonsta Infinite – a decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure.

Monsta Infinite is a platform that combines virtual gaming with the reality of the market. In the past, game assets owned by players do not represent ownership and does not carry any intrinsic value in the real world. Often, the end of a game project causes all player-invested time and money to be lost. Even for valuable in-game items once sought after by players will become worthless after the company collapses or changes direction as the existance of game assets do not continue outside of the game. When players want to admire and commemorate their collections, nothing will be left besides some memories and photos of the past.

The game is focusing on diverse strategies and techniques, with unlimited possibilities of expansion to bring gamers around the world a fun and rich experience. In addition, outstanding players will be awarded $STT or $MONI tokens, setting a standard for friendly competition between players

Gemslab and Moonsta Infinite have committed and agreed on community development plans and marketing strategies that the project is pursuing. Hopefully, this will be one of the stepping stones with a hype boost for a favorable momentum ofMoonsta Infinite development in the future.

Furthermore, Gemslab Ventures will always support Moonsta Infinite development activities with available resources to jointly conquer new milestones.

In particular, hot official news aboutMoonsta Infinite will be continuously updated on Gemslab Ventures’ channels:
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