Partnership Announcement: Gemslab Ventures x Meta Spatial

Partnership Ann: Gemslab Ventures x Meta Spatial

Gemslab Ventures is honored to announce a strategic partnership with Meta Spatial – a Metaverse virtual universe researched and developed by the Spatial Studio.

Meta Spatial is inspired by science fiction novels. The Spatial Universe is an unlimited super universe where the spaces are linked together through the Spatial Portal. The Spatial studio will build fantasy spaces stage by stage via understanding ideas from the community, especially the DAO community. Meta Spatial will provide users with the most extensive and authentic experiences by creating unlimitedly different spaces and applying XR – Virtual Reality and Extended Reality Technology in the Meta Spatial ecosystem.

Meta Spatial is developing two test phases, the first one is Meta Spatial Moon, and the second one is Meta Spatial Galaxy. The following stages of space development will be confirmed and decided by the DAO community. Therefore, in the initial published white paper, we only mention Meta Spatial – Moon and Meta Spatial – Galaxy.

Meta Spatial Moon is a fictional space regarding a wormhole where Gamers will experience a lively space with many historical and modern character themes in epic map perspectives. Furthermore, Gamers can participate in the Battle Royale arena and earn money from the battles and owning lands.Players will play Meta warriors’ role by buying NFTs or creating their own initial NFT characters to join. In the game, gamers can fight bosses, mixed multi-players to choose the best one. Moreover, gamers can select a team playing in 5 vs 5 formats.

Meta Spatial – Galaxy is a space for outer space adventures, inspired by the star wars movie. In Meta Spatial – Galaxy, Gamers can own spaceships and planets through the NFT system, and experience vivid space journeys. Gamers can also join the warrior to protect their planet by piloting spacecraft with XR technology (AR, VR, MR).

Gemslab and Meta Spatial have committed and agreed on community development plans and marketing strategies that the project is pursuing. Hopefully, this will be one of the stepping stones with a hype boost for a favorable momentum of Meta Spatial development in the future.

Furthermore, Gemslab Ventures will always support Meta Spatial development activities with available resources to jointly conquer new milestones.

In particular, hot official news about Meta Spatial will be continuously updated on Gemslab Ventures’ channels:
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