Partnership Announcement: Gemslab Ventures x Ninneko

Partnership Ann: Gemslab Ventures x Ninneko

Gemslab Ventures is honored to announce a strategic partnership with Ninneko – the leading edge of NFT game that combines Idle RPG gameplay and Breeding system.

Ninneko is an enchanting NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain in which players can earn by nurturing Ninneko, building lineups to defeat enemies through PvP/PvE battles and campaign. Players will be immersed in a mysterious village in the deep forests and chilled out spending hours raising Ninneko, which is known as ninbyō (忍猫), are adorable Ninja Cat.

Ninneko designed a token economy model using blockchain technology to complement the game-play. The main distinction between Ninneko and other average NFT games is that our fellow players reserve the ownership rights of in-game assets and are able to vote for changes in game. As a result, our users are able to enjoy the game and our investors can benefit.

We have committed and agreed on community development plans and marketing strategies that the project is pursuing. Hopefully, this will be one of the stepping stones with a strong push to create a favorable development momentum for the Ninneko project in the future.

Furthermore, Gemslab Ventures will always support Ninneko development activities with available resources to jointly conquer new milestones.

In particular, hot official news about Ninneko will be continuously updated on Gemslab Ventures’ channels:
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